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Music Is Better Beside One Another

Grooving for Good is an organization on a mission to destigmatize mental health and empower others through emotional intelligence education. We believe that play can be a powerful tool in amplifying hope and resilience within communities. Our goal is to provide music-driven experiences that educate, connect, and inspire people of all backgrounds.

Explore with us.

Explore! is an innovative event series that blends art, play, and conversation to create a safe space for self-discovery. We are dedicated to bringing heart into Seattle nightlife. We offer a platform for local Seattle artists and an opportunity for all to explore their emotions. More than a night out, Explore! is a thriving community of creatives dedicated to personal growth, artistic expression, and empowering one another. Let’s grow in our understanding of our emotions, together.

Every Wednesday night at The Woods in Capitol Hill, Seattle. 

7pm - 11pm



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We are expanding, and we need you! 

We are looking for Poets, Artists, Dancers, anyone and everyone with a creative bone in your body.  We want to amplify YOU! 

Do you rock your creativity behind the scenes? We welcome with open arms contributors of all kinds.

is your art in the form of plans or numbers? Want to help this Groove? Please, let us know.

Scroll down to the contact form and hit our line! 


All of our event profits are donated back to our community. 

We welcome any and all monetary support to help Grooving for Good contribute more to the communities it moves for.



Are you interested in hopping on this train? Please fill out the form, and we will be in touch with you soon!